For many people, an automatic watch winder is considered an unnecessary luxury. Why should you buy a winder if you can simply reset your watch whenever you want to wear it? Well, having a 2 watch winder is actually necessary for reasons related to convenience and extending your watch’s service life. In fact, if you don’t have one, you may experience one of the following five mishaps.


You have to bear the pain of resetting your watch.

As mentioned above, you can indeed reset your watch when you want to wear it, but that is certainly an inconvenience that many people want to avoid.


You may damage your watch due to frequent winding.

Certain automatic watch models require manual winding if an automatic watch winder doesn’t wind it. If you wind the watch too frequently, its tiny parts may suffer from excessive wear and tear.


You may damage your watch due to oil pooling.

If your watch stops functioning, its moving mechanical parts will also stop. Oil, which is used to lubricate those parts, will start to pool. This pooling, together with the parts that become dry, may shorten your watch’s service life.


You may hurt your most precious investment.

An automatic watch is definitely a precious investment. It is more expensive and more precious than a quartz watch. If you make it more prone to damage by not pairing it with a high-quality watch winder, you may hurt your investment.


Your most beautiful jewelry will look ugly.

A precious watch is better stored in a nice-looking case. A watch winder, even the one that has a design that is more functional than aesthetic, always looks good because of its design because it showcases your moving watch. Don’t let your precious watch look ugly by keeping it naked. Use an automatic watch winder to showcase it.

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